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48 Hours in Tokyo – Exploring Japan’s Vibrant Capital


Japan is possibly one of those countries that have made a permanent place for itself in most people’s bucket lists. While you are planning a quick trip to Japan, spending two days in Tokyo with the sprawling metropolis and ancient temples can be an experience like no other.

That said, if you are confused about how to spend two days in Tokyo, we have managed to sort out a pretty inclusive and fun itinerary for you to explore.

Day 1

Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash


The first day of your stay in Tokyo needs to be dedicated to exploring the city’s culture and history. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of exploring tourist spots, we’d 100% recommend you include all of these elements in your itinerary for a comprehensive travel experience.

Start your day at the Sensō-ji Temple, Tokyo’s oldest temple, located in the lively district of Asakusa. What’s great about visiting the temple is the kind of rich culture that you get to experience. Before you enter the temple, you have to cleanse your hands at the entrance and then enter.

Not just that, you will also find local vendors selling different kinds of food and souvenirs for you to pick up and eat on the go.

Following exploring the temple, head over to Meiji Shrine, a beautiful Shinto shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken. There’s not much to do besides soak in the beautiful surroundings and the nature around.

Sometimes, all you need is a moment of peace and that’s exactly what you get to experience there.

As you navigate through the city, having access to luggage storage Tokyo ensures that you can travel comfortably and hands-free without having to lug your baggage with you throughout the city. All you have to do is carry your essentials and keep the rest stacked away safely in storage.

You can wrap up your first day by enjoying a traditional Kabuki performance in the Ginza district. Think of it as an elaborate theatre performance with lots of costumes, dramatics and art like you have never witnessed before.

Day 2

Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash
Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

 On the second day, you get to explore the city life of Tokyo, the hustle and bustle, and the diverse neighborhoods and nightlife that the city is known for.

Immerse yourself in the pop culture haven of Akihabara. The electronic stores there are amazing and the choices that you get to explore there are out of this world. You can also visit the retro arcades there.

Head to Shibuya and take the iconic Shibuya crossing, a major intersection bustling with pedestrians crossing in all directions. There, you can explore the district, and try out the local cafes and the trendy shops too.

End your second day by enjoying some breathtaking views from the Tokyo Skytree. There is an observation deck and the panoramic view of the city from there is beyond anyone’s imagination. You simply can’t miss out.


Spending 48 hours in Tokyo is nearly not enough to soak in all the fun and experiences that the city has to offer. However, we have tried to include as much as you can to make the most out of the short trip.


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