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Holidu reveals The Sunniest Winter Workation Destinations Around the World


Looking to get away for a few weeks of winter sun to kick 2024 off to the best possible start? Discover the best winter workation destinations with this global guide today.

Are you a digital nomad or a remote-based worker looking to get away for some winter sun over the coming weeks? A winter workation is the ultimate solution, but the big dilemma revolves around choosing a destination.

Thankfully, the experts at Holidu have compiled a list of the best winter workation destinations to help you make the right selection for your next adventure. Whether travelling alone or with a partner, for a week or a few months, there is something for everyone. Enjoy!

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The Winter Workation Guide By Holidu

Holidu’s team of travel experts have worked tirelessly to produce a list of the world’s ultimate winter workation destinations, analysing several key factors to identify and rank them. This includes the average Wi-Fi speed, availability of coworking spaces, cost of living and average number of sun hours in the period of December to March.

With up to 44% of Brits working remotely, the opportunities to enjoy a winter workation are greater than ever. Individuals who select the right destination can ensure that this is the best winter ever.

5 Top Winter Workation Destinations For 2023/24

Whether looking to end 2023 in style or make 2024 the year of travel, a winter workation is the perfect selection. Here are five of the best cities for your shortlist.

1. Bangkok

Holidu reveals The Sunniest Winter Workation Destinations Around the World

The capital of Thailand is a popular holiday destination throughout the year but has become one of the hottest winter workation destinations in recent years. WiFi speeds increasing to 75mbps, which is on par with Valencia in Spain, has been a catalyst for this as workers can stay productive while enjoying the beautiful city.

Bangkok is home to the Grand Palace and a number of other spiritual attractions while the National Parks are the perfect setting for a day off, especially for animal lovers. With average temperatures of 28°C and 281 hours of sun in the winter period, it’s no wonder that a growing number of remote workers are choosing Thailand this winter.

2. Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires is a stunning destination to be based this winter. While football fans will love the almost religious experience of watching the city’s various teams, there is a lot to love about the South American city. For starters, there are 272 hours of sun in this period while temperatures of 23°C are comfortable.

With 87 coworking spaces available in the city, workers will not struggle to stay productive. Meanwhile, the city is blessed with a plethora of hostels, cheap hotels, and luxury accommodations. When combined with the various attractions in Buenos Aires, as well as excursions like Iguazu Falls, Argentina is idyllic for winter sun.

3. New Delhi

Holidu reveals The Sunniest Winter Workation Destinations Around the World

New Delhi has the fourth-lowest cost of living out of all the top winter workation destinations covered by Holidu at just €1,131.74. Therefore, anybody wishing to enjoy winter sun on a budget or potentially reduce their workload while they’re away can turn their attention to the Indian city that also boasts 315 hours of sun.

Direct flights take around 8 hours making it a choice for people who want to spend an extended time away, not least because Mumbai also makes the list of top winter workation destinations. The food, temples, music, and street markets create a wonderful culture. At 5hr 30min, the time difference from the UK is suitable too.

4. Cape Town

If heading to South Africa, Johannesburg is a good option. However, Cape Town on the south coast of the country and continent pips it as the best. While the average WiFi speed is modest at 32mbps, the opportunities to work and explore are incredible. In fact, you won’t struggle to find easy temp work either, as long as you get a visa.

Cape Town is a stunning destination with 286 hours of sun. Climbing Table Mountain will provide an unforgettable experience while you can also enjoy shark diving and a host of exhilarating experiences. The seafood is incredible while there are plenty of galleries to be enjoyed too. It is the continent’s best winter workation destination.

5. Lisbon

Holidu reveals The Sunniest Winter Workation Destinations Around the World

For anyone wishing to stay in Europe for a short winter workation, Lisbon in Portugal stands out as an ideal selection. It is under 3 hours from the UK and there is currently no time difference. The city’s calm atmosphere and 192 hours of sun are pleasing while WiFi speeds hit an average of 114 mbps. There are also over 100 coworking spaces.

The cost of living is a little higher than some at €3,226.21 but is still within budget for many UK freelancers looking for a winter workation. After completing work, attractions like Belem Tower, along with a good nightlife will ensure that boredom is never an option. As far as European workations stand, this stands out as an ideal choice.


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