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Inside Chase’s luxe $3,000 lounge-within-a-lounge at LaGuardia


Though Chase’s newest airport lounge is a show-stopper in and of itself, the issuer kept one exciting surprise under wraps until the grand opening.

That’s the introduction of the Reserve Suites, a new lounge-within-a-lounge concept debuting at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA).

Inside the Sapphire Lounge by The Club, you’ll find three of these over-the-top suites, each decked out with gorgeous design, luxe bathrooms and much more.

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While I’ve already touched on the Reserve Suites in my comprehensive lounge review, here are all the details you need to know if you’re looking to splurge for what’s arguably the best airport lounge experience you’ll find in New York.

Booking the Reserve Suites

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Chase’s Reserve Suites aren’t included with entry to the lounge, and they cost a pretty penny.

The two larger suites run $3,000 each for three hours, and the smaller suite costs $2,200 for three hours. Note that these prices cover the primary cardmember and all of their guests.


Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders can book a suite in the “Benefits & Travel” section of the Chase mobile app.

Note that reservations must be made at least three days before your flight.

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3 private suites

Chase offers three Reserve Suites at its LaGuardia lounge. They’re all located behind a small reception desk on the upper level of the space.


To offer the utmost privacy for travelers splurging for these suites, you’ll be escorted directly from the lounge entrance to your suite via a private elevator.


The suites are numbered one through three, and the first two are quite similar. They each accommodate eight guests with a sofa, some chairs and a four-top dining table.

Of course, the suite doors close, providing complete privacy from anyone else in the lounge.

Chase didn’t share the square footage of each suite, but they’re certainly large enough for a family or group of friends traveling together.


In addition to the varied seating options, these two suites boast a luxurious design that almost feels like you’ve entered a cross between a Park Avenue boardroom and a three-Michelin-star restaurant.

You can even control the lighting options to suit your mood. (It’s just too bad there isn’t any natural light in the Chase lounge.)

The third suite features a slightly different layout; it’s smaller and can accommodate only up to four travelers. The design is otherwise similar to the other two suites.

All three suites feature TVs with hundreds of stations, on-demand movies and even PlayStation consoles.


And if you’re really looking to splurge, the wall between the first two suites can be removed to create a double suite that fits 16 guests.

Bathrooms from a 5-star hotel

While the suites themselves are stunning, some might say that the bathrooms are the real highlight.


From the marble-clad walls to the gold-trimmed finishes to the plush bathrobes and towels, these are hands-down the nicest bathrooms in LaGuardia.

They’re stocked with Oribe bath products, Dyson hair dryers and every essential that you might’ve forgotten or checked in your bags.


Each bathroom features a rainfall shower, a toilet and a single vanity.


Having visited many of the country’s best airport lounges, I can confidently say that these Reserve Suites offer the nicest bathrooms you’ll find in an airport lounge.

Unlimited food and drinks

No matter how hungry or thirsty you are, you’ll leave the Reserve Suites feeling satisfied.

Chase curated a special a la carte menu for travelers relaxing in these suites, and the options aren’t “just” slightly better than what you’d find in the lounge.

To start, you’ll enjoy a welcome Osetra caviar service with all the fixings. During my tour, I saw the caviar setup, and it left me wondering if this is the only lounge in the country with multiple sets of mother-of-pearl spoons.

Other specially curated all-day dining options include a seafood tower (designed by the chefs at NYC’s Jeffrey’s Grocery), lobster rolls, grain salads, wild rice risotto and mezze platters.

In addition to the special menu, you can also order anything from the regular lounge menu, and it’ll be delivered directly to your suite.

Just like the food options, there’s a special wine list curated by Parcelle for guests in the Reserve Suites. I’m not an oenophile, but a quick peek at the list prices for these wines shows that they hover around $100 a bottle.

Of course, the bar will also whip up your favorite cocktail or refreshment — all you need to do is ask.

Aside from the prepared food and drinks, each suite is stocked with a minifridge and a snack shelf with a large assortment of popular nosh.

Feel free to take as much as you wish — everything is included with your stay in the suite.

Personalized service

Throughout the duration of your stay, you’ll be taken care of by a dedicated Reserve Suites host.

They’ll be available to accommodate every request, and they’ll monitor your flight status for you. You can place your food and drink orders with the host, or via a QR code in the suite itself.


There’s a “call host” button in each suite, so you won’t be disturbed by the attendant when you’re trying to relax.

The host will also offer you a parting gift when it’s time to board your flight. You’ll have a pick between a Drowsy Sleep eye mask and a Larq water bottle.

Bottom line

Chase’s Reserve Suites elevate the airport experience with a new lounge-within-a-lounge concept.

Starting at $2,200 for three hours, they’re pricey and likely won’t make sense for most travelers.

That said, this is New York, and if there’s one market (aside from Los Angeles) where this concept might work, it would be the Big Apple. (It’ll be interesting to see if Chase expands this concept to other upcoming lounges.)

In a way, the Reserve Suites remind me of the Private Suites (PS) experience in Los Angeles, only that they’re located in the terminal instead of an off-site location.

But at LaGuardia, this is as good as it gets. All in all, I’d consider the Reserve Suites to be the Emirates first class of airport lounge experiences.

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