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JetBlue debuts new Mint amenity kits, menus in product revamp


JetBlue’s Mint business class is already one of the best products in the sky, and it’s getting even better with a full revamp of the soft product.

This includes all-new amenity kits, refreshed onboard menus and even some new inflight entertainment options, all of which will be debuting over the coming weeks.

The move comes as the airline is gearing up to expand its long-haul portfolio with the launch of flights to Dublin and Edinburgh.

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You’ll catch all the details of JetBlue’s latest announcement below.

JetBlue new Mint amenity kits


The revamped onboard experience begins with new amenity kits, which, for the first time ever, will be offered in two different styles.

One will be available exclusively on domestic and short-haul international flights, and the other will be offered on service to Europe.

JetBlue is partnering with a selection of New York City-based brands for its amenity kits, including Caraa, Dr. Dennis Gross and Plus Ultra.


The domestic amenity kit comes in four colors — sage, clay, sand and gunmetal. It features a selection of staples, such as a Tuft and Needle-branded eyemask and earplugs, Dr. Dennis Gross hand cream and lip balm, and an exfoliating pad.

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The kits also include socks, which seem to be of higher quality than the ones that airlines typically include in amenity kits.

Interestingly, with these new kits, JetBlue will now offer an eye mask and earplugs to all travelers. Previously, these were only available by-request-only in a separate “snooze kit” that was branded by Tuft and Needle.

It seems that the one downside to these new kits is that you won’t receive a toothbrush or toothpaste on domestic flights. Instead, the kits are stocked with a small bottle of Plus Ultra mouthwash.


The Caraa-branded kits are reusable, and they make a great accessory pouch. If you receive more of these kits, you can snap them together to create a larger collection of pouches.

Meanwhile, the long-haul amenity kit is stocked with a few more goodies, such as a Plus Ultra bamboo dental kit and a deodorant wipe.

The real upgrade with the long-haul kit is that it can be reused as a foldable drawstring bag. This could come in the clutch if you’re looking for a bag to carry some travel essentials while you explore London, Paris or Amsterdam.


In advance of the launch, JetBlue sent me some samples of its new amenity kits. They feel decidedly more premium than the previous ones, and the new brand partnerships seem to be just as hip and upscale as they were before.

New menus

Since late 2020, JetBlue has partnered with New York’s Delicious Hospitality Group for its Mint menus, which are always a highlight of the airline’s business-class experience.

The airline rotates the featured DHG restaurant every few months, and you’ll find some picks from Legacy Records during the spring rotation.

Some of the seasonal dishes that will be offered include lamb shoulder with roasted carrots, harissa and citrus breadcrumbs, as well as orzo served with roasted tomatoes, marinated feta and arugula.


JetBlue’s Core, or economy, cabin also includes complimentary meal service on flights to and from Europe. Since this service launched in 2021, the airline has offered picks from Dig.

The airline will maintain its tie-up with Dig, but it’s debuting some new seasonal picks. They include marinated jerk chicken with coconut rice and pickled habanada peppers, served alongside shredded beet and carrot salad with candied sunflower seeds and a kale, parsley and quinoa salad.

As always, JetBlue does a great job of posting its menus (with associated allergens and dietary restrictions) online each month. Be sure to check out the airline’s “inflight menus” page to preview what will be served on your flight.

More inflight entertainment options

JetBlue was one of the first airlines to offer seatback screens with live TV and movies for every passenger.

In March, the airline is adding some new content to its entertainment lineup, including a new “Luck of the Irish” category to coincide with the upcoming launch of Dublin flights.

Under this new category, you’ll find such titles as “Brooklyn,” “Belfast” and “The Quiet Girl.”

The airline is also introducing a new “Awards Season” category, which will feature box office hits such as “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.”


While it’s nice to see the airline diversify and refresh its content offerings, it’s worth mentioning that JetBlue’s original Mint product offers one of the most outdated TV screens available in the U.S.

The touchscreens aren’t super responsive, and many of the remote controls don’t work anymore. JetBlue hasn’t announced a hard-product refresh for the Airbus A321 fleet with the original Mint product, so you’ll likely still be better off bringing your own content onboard your next domestic flight. (The newer jets feature a much-upgraded entertainment screen.)

Bottom line

JetBlue remains one of the only domestic carriers to consistently refresh its onboard experience in business class.

This latest update includes new amenity kits, onboard menus and enhanced entertainment options.

Of course, a revamped soft product won’t alone help JetBlue return to profitability, but it could certainly help the carrier win some more awards for the best domestic business-class product.

I just wish the airline would announce a long-overdue upgrade to its original Mint product, which is a decade old at this point.

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